Ring of Beara Peninsula

Tour of The South

Enjoy the best of what the South of Ireland has to offer including a trip to the Aran Islands. Visit sites that span Irelands turbulent history, the Ancient Past, Medieval times & of course scenic drives.

3/4 ★ Accommodation

Maximum 8 per Tour

Giants Causeway

Tour of The North
(7 dAYS / 6 NIGHTS)

Tour Ireland's North through scenic countryside to visit the Giants Causeway, Connemara, Carrick a Rede, ancient megaliths & much more! We get off the beaten track for a uniquely Irish experience.

3/4 ★ Accommodation

Maximum 8 per Tour


All Ireland Tour
(10 Days / 9 NIGHTS)

A tour combining the highlights of sites in both the North & South of the country. Relaxed, flexible itinerary, see the Real Ireland & truly get off the beaten track, mixing it with the locals.

3/4 ★ Accommodation

Maximum 8 per Tour

Ashford Castle

Custom Group Tours
Design Your Itinerary
Choose Your Accomms

 Create your own Irish experience. Design your own Itinerary or choose one of ours.  Whatever your reason for a visit to Ireland let us help you make your time in Ireland a memorable one.

3/4 ★ Accommodation

Maximum 8 per Tour

Fáilte - WELCOME

We are a small group tour operator based in Ireland offering Private Group & Customised Group Tours of Ireland. We are based in Ireland & constantly immersed in its culture & history, we are passionate about our identity, have an understanding for her history, her ancient past & indeed its warm welcoming culture. It is our aim to immerse you in this culture, impart an understanding of our ancient values, our turbulent history & our ability to let loose and have a good time! We understand that there are many Irish descendants scattered throughout the world, victims perhaps of our most turbulent past. We understand that there is always a sense of belonging to Ireland, a spiritual home & that many wish to explore & reinforce this connection & sense of identity that always lingers in our hearts.

Our small group tours of Ireland are designed to make things more personal for the traveller. Often larger tours can be impersonal & too regimented. Being smaller allows us to travel roads that larger tour operators cannot. For us Ireland is about these back roads. The wonder of what beauty awaits around the next corner. The small quaint villages & towns allows the traveller the opportunity to mix it with the locals, see our day to day interactions & share our desire to have a good time too. In Ireland time does not exist and we would want this to be your experience on this tour.

We are predominately a private group tour operator. We operate predominately from April to October but we are also available for tours at other times of the year also. Our tours have anywhere from 2 to 8 people maximum. We offer a 10 day tour which takes in the whole of Ireland which is designed to offer you the opportunity to visit as many of Ireland's well known sites as possible in this space of time. Our 7 day tours of the North & the South are designed for those with a little less free time but are less condensed in relation to the tours duration.

We would love to hear from you with any amendments you would like to make to any of our Itineraries. Perhaps you want to combine a Genealogical Research trip with some site seeing too. You may wish to add more ancient sites or stay somewhere which holds particular meaning to you. You may wish to adjust your accommodation requirements to suit a budget. For us this is what a trip to Ireland is about. It holds a special meaning to everyone we would only love to hear from you so that we can make it a memorable time that will live in your heart forever.

At Thoughts of Ireland we are passionate about our country, it's culture, the people & it's history. We want you to share this same passion as we take you on 'roads less travelled' imparting our knowledge of the complex history of this small island, immersing you in the culture & traditions of it's people, passing through magnificent scenery, and of course, having some fun along the way too!

Small Groups

Our small groups allow for a more personal & intimate tour of Ireland. We are able to travel to places that larger tour operators cant go and it allows us to stay in locally owned accomodations in smaller towns as opposed to hotel chains. You will be able to mix with the locals and enjoy a 'pint' over traditional music & dance which can be found in many of the towns we overnight in.

Travel the Back Roads

Our local knowledge of Ireland takes you on roads that larger tours cannot operate. It is here you will enjoy the real Ireland. Mixing with the locals passing through towns and villages and scenic drives not normally included on larger tours.

Local Knowledge

What better way to see Ireland than to be guided locals. The passion and understanding of local knowledge & close to the heart. We are passionate about Ireland & we want you to experience the same passion.


We use modern comfortable vehicles on all our tours for a relaxed, enjoyable trip around Ireland.


Because we overnight in small vibrant towns, guests will be able to visit the bars, experience live Irish music, chat with the locals and enjoy local foods. We have carefully selected our accomodations to provide locally owned guesthouses, boutique hotels & B & B's in keeping with the destination we are staying. For more information on acomodations that can provide please see our acommodations section.

Carefully planned Itineraries

On our tours it's not about the amount of mileage travelled it's the quality of the mileage travelled giving you the best value for your time & money. We have spent alot of time planning our routes to ensure that we take adequate time to see the destinations that we feel are a 'must see' for any visitor wishing to come to the Emerald Isle. And of course we will take you on the most scenic routes possible to that you can enjoy the magnificent landscapes that abound in this great nation.

Free Time

Our tours are planned so you are not hurried and we aim to arrive at our destination for the night in time for you to mingle witn the locals and enjoy what each town has to offer. Ireland has plenty of pubs that offer good food and music & our tours are planned to stop in towns that are famed for their musical traditions.

Customise Your Tour

If you are a Private Group and wish to customise your tour please feel free to Contact Us and we will design an itinerary that is in keeping with the purpose of your visit. Accommodation requirements can be amended to suit your budget.

Overnight Accomodation

An essential part of any vacation is where you spend your nights. It is during this time that you get to mix with the locals and get a real feel for the magic of the location where you are staying. Our small group tours allow us to stop at locally owned accomodations, many over a 100 years old, for a real Irish experience.

From quiet country sea side towns, to castles & locally owned guesthouses and B & B's we provide a variety of locations where you will have ample opportunity to mix with the locals, experience the Irish or enjoy the peace an solitude of the Irish countryside.

Examples of some of the places we have stayed include

Overnights Include

Each room has a private bathroom

A Traditional Irish Breakfast is included each morning.

Rooms will have a double bed with private bathroom for those travelling as a couple. For thouse travelling together who are not a couple these rooms will be provided with either 2 double beds, a double bed & a single bed or two single beds. Every effort will be made to accomodate your needs.

The majority of our hotels have a restaurant, free wifi, bar etc.

Travelling Solo ?

If you are a solo traveller please contact us regarding any additional single supplement fees that could apply to your booking. We will try every effort to pair you with another fellow single traveller so that no additional costs apply.

Further Infortmation

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us for specifics regarding your selected tour dates.


Tour operator and founder Mike is a native of Ireland & has travelled extensively throughout his homeland for more than 25 years. He has a passion for history, photography, culture & people. He loves roaming Ireland’s stunning landscapes, having a great laugh with like-minded people and sharing with them his knowledge of Ireland’s history, it's culture and the landscape. He has travelled extensively throughout the United States, Europe & Australia and has a great understanding of the culture of the countries many of his fellow travellers come from.

Having spent two years living in the United States he acquired a greater understanding of many peoples connection with Ireland. It is an ancestral home for a great deal of people. There is a disconnect that needs to healed and explored. For those a trip to Ireland becomes a necessity & it is important that you visit many of the places included on the tour to re-connect with the land. Regardless of having ancestral connection, Ireland has a certain place in many peoples hearts & it is our mission to provide you with a tour that makes you rekindle love with this ancient land.

Mike currently resides at his home near Cashel, County Tipperary & spends the majority of his spare time on his love for photography, playing guitar, reading history, travelling & writing.